Monday, April 06, 2009; I MOVED.




I'll quit my ramblings XD {Monday, April 06, 2009}
Saturday, November 22, 2008; nobody's around

i look around me, and i see all my friends drifting away from me.
is being into fandom something that kinda destroy or disturbs your whole life.
i guess mine is. i want to not care, but sometimes, it unintentionally hurts so bad.
i dont say it out but i wish could get away from everything. i think today is just one of those
emotional days.

sorry news, sorry tegoshi.
i enjoy going for concerts.
doing all these stuff.
and flying over to japan for you,
but when something real happens.
i dont think fandom will be able to save me.

my friends would. lend a listening ear at least.
but that was last time.
if its now,with all my friends drifting away from me, im guessing, ive just got myself to back up on.
go aishah youve only gt urself.


I'll quit my ramblings XD {Saturday, November 22, 2008}
Monday, August 04, 2008;

The best part of this whole week is IM ON LEAVE.
& i had the most ultimate fun ever.

: ) so worth it.
from catching up with friends.
to catching up with idols.
and even family.

27th July 2008, Sunday.

Started up the day to meet RIN, GERALDINE, RYOUKO, SIRU for lunch. and i was especially excited to meet the girls cause it was my first time meeting rin & g after so long of knowing them online : )) we ate pepper lunch and i left for japanese class soon after.

After class, met the girls again for one song of cash studio. HAHAHA. sang kiss with G then we went to have dinner at this restaurant in central, whose food rocks. : ) like totally. and its japanese. rin ate escargots. =_____=" and she was looking at the pores of the snail before eating them. GROSS right?
*shakes head* cant bring self to eat it no matter what.

The day ended well only i wasnt looking forward to work the next day

view from the classroom


the gift from rin&g

rin's darkened ESCARGOTS. =___='

30th July 2008, Wednesday

Was working morning shift, met ryouko, siru,celest,rin & g after work at vivo.
it was supposed to be SENTOSA day. but yeah cause we were late, they forgot about it
=____= spazz and took lotsa pictures at starbucks, though rin was VERY unwilling to take pictures.
: ((( celest gave me my WHOLE TON of TEGOSHI'S OFFICIAL PICTURES, and she got me biscuits from japan. THANKS MRS KAMENASHI : )))

went to had dinner at chijmes after that. DELICIOUS, though price was pretty steep, once in a while is okay, but the food was good. we talk lotsa over the meal. from racist indian jokes to disgusting perverted ones. *STARES AT DANA/SIRU/SELESTINA* lol.

caught on camera


celesstttine & me : ))

geraldine & me

US ALL. : ))))

31st July 2008, Thursday

Had appointment at KKH with the gynae first thing in the morning. I dread morning. I want to SLEEP. roars.
My aunt accompanied me, anyways the op's cancel and all and the doctor said she'll recheck me in three months with moar scans and stuff, but for now im fine. for now. : ((

Had breakfast and went suntec city after that. AND MY AUNTY FORCED me to cancel my plans with the girls. kills self. haiz. sorry people couldnt meet up with u guys for puris and dinner @ waraku.


She asked me to accompany her to the singapore garden exhibition. orz. boring. but actually it was pretty fun & nice to look at, the flowers that is. BUT i was really pretty tired of walking and walking and moarr walking. Then went to orchard, did some shopping and had dinner. And when i was about to go home, GUESS WHO I MET? GERALDINE. and then i told her what happened, she said it was okay. lucky for friends who's understanding neh. xD

& when i reached home. I REALISED. my computer LCD machine was BURNT. like yeahhhh~~~ so now i'm using this very OLD monitor that i used when i was like FOURTEEN. SIX YEARS ORZ and its still okay. DONT BUY HP MONITOR , they dont even come with WARRANTY.


out of 100 that i took.

out of light.

better. : )

1st August 2008, Friday


i rotted at home till late. then i left my hse at 7pm to fetch feng qi from the airport. at first i felt normal. THEN, when i REALLY saw him at the airport i got SO NERVOUS. bloody hell it was so nerve wrecking. when he at last saw me, he was like... EH HAO JIU BU JIAN!! and i was like yeahhh. then no more reaction. dots. FAILS.

thanks to jiazhen & yuhui for accompanying me. YUHUI he's CUTE RIGHT. : )))
and we really need to stop talking about JE at feng qi's event dots. =____="

went to town for dinner with jiazhen at the japanese pasta place @ cine. I FORGOT THE NAME of the place. thennn rin text me and asked if i was in for KARAOKE. and i said why not. and thats how i spend the last night with rin & G. RIN's SO FUNNNYYYYY. hahahahahahhaa. she could get high so easily. LMAO. i shall nt mention what its about. HAHHAHAHA she'll kill me.

2nd August 2008. Saturday

Went for my colleague's wedding at bukit batok. it was so PINKISH. this was my first wedding reception without my parents. scary. felt so weird, like i wasnt supposed to be there and stuff.

Then, went back home and rushed to feng qi's event soon after which was also at bukit batok. When he finally came i just hanged around and watch him from afar after saying hello for a bit, to let him know i was there to see him perform. Met YIJIE. I havent seen her in AGES. she was the first few people i feng feng qi with. so it was really memorable to meet her : ))) i miss juliana though. her house is too far for her to come over. sadly.

After randomly hanging around feng qi and he was right behind me, he talked to me for a bit.

FQ: Aishah.
FQ: Long time no see. You still never change hor? Never grow up ahs?
Me: YEAHH. im still the same didnt grow up, still as short as ever, never drink milk mah thats why. DOTS.
FQ: Joking only lahh. Don't get angry ahs.
Me: =_________="

HE FAIL. so COLD lah. dots.

went back home after sending him off to his van. : )

3rd August 2008, Sunday

kinda. DOTS.

anyways. I WAS SUPPOSED TO MEET YUI @ 9.30am and i overslept, therefore we gave up on the uchiwa idea. decided to do it at night later after yuhui finished work. cabbed down to cineleisure, rushed to more than words to get the winnie the pooh that i always get for him whenever he's in singapore. it was HUMONGOUS. i couldnt find anything smaller, its not that i didnt want to get something smaller. REALLY.

The gathering was fun, feng qi was funny/lame/cute/smallboy. and we tried our best to make him feel less awkward, had fun singing all his songs and stuff. Some people duet and sang with him and stuff. Then they decided to play the "hai dai" game. And the winner could get his necklace. : ))) and the necklace was so pretty. & HE wore it before! then Yuhui dragged me along to the game, and said why dont we just play just for fun, without thinking much i did. AND IT WAS MY FIRST EVER HAI DAI GAME. and the last two people standing were ME & YUHUI. can u believe it. omg. i was so happy. i told her, if either of us won we'll take turns wearing it.

and in the end i won the game. i think i wanted to die a happy person. like on the spot. then had to play with feng qi. ACTUALLY it was only ONE ROUND then i WON already. then he said. TWO more rounds can? PLEASE. and i said okay, so he won. LOL. but he still gave me the necklace.


then i gave him his pooh. : )) and i told him to JIAYOU. he shook my hand so hard. his grip is strong. LOL

and the necklaceeeee.
and he help me put it ON. OMG. dies a million time in advance. seriously.
got lotsa pictures with him but only one with my phone/camera. The rest is with the fanclub people. Can't wait for them to send me those pictures and the video, which i bet i look stupid in. HURHUR.

today was the best day of my life.
REALLY. having heard u say my name so much was really super unexpected.
to even remember my name is something. thanks. thanks you.

went to art friend to get stuff for the uchiwa making session later at yuhui's place. gt back home and started writing his letter. thanks jiayan : ) for helping me edit/translate.

4th August 2008, Monday

12AM - Sneaked out of the house to make uchiwa.

1AM-5AM - Made uchiwa ALL THE WAY. just for him. BYEBYE sleep.

5AM-6AM - Bath, get ready and chiong to airport. cabbed down. oh so expensive.

Feng qi arrived. considered quite early, his flight's at 0810hrs. Complained to him that i didnt sleep because of the uchiwa lmao. And he asked if it was for him, and i said yeahh. Waited for him to check in, talked to his dad for a bit, ask him take care and to come again to singapore. While walking off to breakfast, feng qi ask me where's my necklace and i said its at home, in a safer place besides i didnt wanna cry, just thought i would cry if i was wearing it and sending him off. and he was like oh. asked me to take care of his necklace well and he explained that he wore it a few times and stuff for promotions and stuff.

Finally gave him the letter too. He saw the first ever picture we took together, which was way back in 2004/5 and he said, ehh i didnt change still look as handsome as ever. DOTS. and i said yeah lah yeah lah, still so handsome. *SMILES* faints. oh feng qi. they brought around my winnie the pooh since it was impossible to check it in. that humoungous bear. HAHAAHA. he said if the customs rejects it when he's going up the plane he's gonna send it back to my house. LOL. and i said how to you dont have my address can. he's such crack.

i feel more like a friend now then a fan : ))))))))))))
and those random of calling my name out. aarghhhh.
sooo cute. : ))))))

During breakfast, i didnt felt like eating, yuhui too. He came over to our table and gave us hashbrowns. And he said to yuhui those were love tokens from HIM. lol whatever. HASHBROWNSS right. He finally checked in, got to take a last picture with him, with my uchiwa, and my winnie. : ))))
he said he'll hug the pooh to sleep in the plane later. AWWWW.

then finally.

Hugged his dad byebye. Said bye to his mom. and of course to feng qi. After passing the customs, he used the uchiwa to wave us bye bye. HAHAHAHA. and he even used it for imaginary wings. He's so retarded sometimes but he's still the feng qi i like. : )
BYE little boy. ill see you october. hopefully.


lotsa LOVE aishahhhh

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I'll quit my ramblings XD {Monday, August 04, 2008}